Welcome to KapiTaler
    “KapiTaler” online board game for 2-4 players.

    You can play this game now without registration against one computer opponent and if you are logged in you can join a game with three real opponents.

    One game takes about 10 - 15 minutes.

    Roll the dice, move your token and buy industries.
    If you acquired all industries of an economic sector, then this sector becomes a monopoly and you can open branches here. More branches mean more revenue from your opponents. The winner will be the one, who will become the richest first or will bankrupt all his opponents.
    This is the KapiTaler game board

    Players' tokens move around this board with the number of spaces shown on dice.
    After you have rolled the dice your token moves to one of the industry. If this industry was not sold before, you can buy it. The price is shown on the game board.
    The sold industries have been marked with the player's colour who owns this industry and the numbers show how much has to be paid for the service if another player's token lands on it.
    Industries belong to one of the economic sectors. One sector can become monopoly when one player owns all sector's industries. In this case branches can be built there. That will increase the income.
    Up to five branches can be built for each industry in case of monopoly sector. In order to build branches just click on the industry before you have rolled dice.
    The goal of this game is very simple: Make as much money as you can. More monopolies you get and more branches you build, the more money you can collect from your opponents.

    You can start now your first training game against one computer opponent.
    Goal: You have to collect 3500 M€
    or bring your opponent to bankruptcy.
    Good luck!

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